The Mind Show

With Brian Role

Physical, Emotional and Psychological Entertainment


What could be more entertaining for an intelectual group of people wanting to experience something so questionable such as mind reading, predictions and mind control? The Mind Show with Brian Role` offers all that and more. Brian will use his skills and theatrical abilities to appear to enter the minds of his subjects and entertain their brain and those of whom are watching, in various manners, often funny but always entertaining.

The show can be booked privately for corporate or private events, in closed venues or residences. A version is also available for theatres with a paying audience.

During the show Brian makes use of his abilities to interact with members of the audience invited to join him in his performance area as well as those guests who are seated watching, ensuring complete audience participation throughout the performance. Certain acts of the show can also include customisation to provide a message, promote a brand or be used to engage the audience's attention on a certain product.

The show can be booked in three different durations: 30mins - ideal for corporate events, 50mins - ideal for private shows and 90mins - ideal for theatrical presentations.

"Incredible, incredible! WOW!" - Corazon - live on TVM ( Watch Clip Here )

"How can it be? Incredible, this is incredible!" - J Anvil - live on the Entertainers TV Program ( Watch Clip Here )

"Mind Blowing - Amazing!"
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Expect wow reactions from everyone present. If it's not an illusion and it's not magic then what is it? Brian claims that it is a skillful art that is designed to subliminally induce thoughts into the audience's brain. Through training and years of experience, Brian has the ability to entertain guests with this very skill, together with various other techniques such as acting and educating himself physiologically.

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Acts can be csutomised for personal performances, focusing on a specific person or group of persons. Predictions, thoughts and outcomes may match the need of whoever is booking. Photos, dates and perosnal but non confidential information will be used throughout the show, inducing more personal, emotionional feelings for those involved.

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It is not unusual that after each act people remain speechless for a few moments. This is because Brian has created a situation where he made certain parts of the audience's brain to function in a non logical manner. For a brief moment the brain tries to process each non logical outcome during the show. After failing to do so, it finally opens up to the impossibilities presented.

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