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How can I make a booking?
You may contact via email anytime by clicking here, or call +356 9982 0913 (between 10:00 and 20:00 local time ) or send a message via WhatsApp anytime. When making contact regarding a booking please send date, time and type of event and type of service requested so that we can check availability straight away. As soon as we can confirm availability and should you wish to proceed, arrangement will be made to confirm the booking.
Is there any additional charges for performances in Gozo?
Yes, these include the ferry tariffs and any other related travel costs. We will quote you before confirming a booking.
Does Brian perform shows for adults ?
Brian mainly performs for audiences of an adult age and for family audiences. For those other special occasions where a performance is required for children, then Brian has a dedicated show tailored for groups of persons between 4yrs and 12yrs.
Does Brian provide everything for his performances ?
Brian provides all that is needed in order to provide the kind of performance agreed upon, unless the venue requires greater technical equipment. In such cases Brian can guide you to reach the best arrangement for his performance.
Can Brian cater for a larger audience?
Brian is capable of performing for an of one person up to an infinite number of people provided that the right ambient, setting and venue is capable of enabling this. His performances have ranged from performances in theatres, in small state rooms, palaces, private homes, villas, hotels, theme parks and cruise ships. No venue is small or large enough not to be able to fit a type of performance, most suitable, for the venue and amount of people attending.
How long does it take for Brian to set up prior to his performances ?
Depending on what type of performance is booked, Brian may take between 10mins - 60mins setting up prior to commencing his show.
Where is Brian willing to travel to ?
Any reasonable place on earth provided that travel costs and arrangements are covered by the client. Brian can perform magic under the sea or else up in the air if you request this.
Is there a guarantee on the performance ?
Yes all performances come with a guarantee.
Does Brian have recommendations?
Brian has recommendations. He also has many reviews. They are not all posted but you can see some of them by clicking here where you will find a few samples and some of Brian's past and recurring client list. These include international top brands who believe in quality and assurance and Brian's involvement with them is the confirmation of a stable track record to consider.
Is Brian Role really a full time professional magician ?
Yes he is. He also performs in various countries on a professional basis and the only magician in Malta to have performed long term professional contracts on cruise ships, in dinner shows and hotels and resorts world wide. Brian runs his own professional magic theatre dinner and show in Malta, The Chamber of Mysteries. No other Maltese Magician in Malta has the equivalent or better professional work experience abroad with official documents to endorse this as Brian has.
Has Brian ever appeared on Television ?
Yes he has. He has appeared countless times on all national Television stations as well as international television on Sky Satellite Television along side Debbie Jones. Locally he appears regularly on most of the main entertainment programs, provides interviews and also makes guest appearances. Brian also gave cameos for TV adverts and TV series
Is Brian affiliated with any local or international magic associations ?
Brian is a full member of the following
IBM Ring 202 Malta
International Society of Magicians
International Brotherhood of Magicians
The Magic Circle
What awards does Brian have ?
The most prestigious award in magic, I.M.S. Merlin Award, awarded in 2017
Runner-Up I.B.M. Close Up Magic Award, awarded in 2004
1st Prize I.B.M. Ring 202 Parlour Magic Award, awarded in 2002
Top Show In Mallorca, tourism certificate award, awarded in 2001
I like your photos, who took them ?
All the photos you see on this website have been taken during an actual performance. There are no fancy posed photos. What you see is here is exactly what you get when you book Brian. We thank those sources who shared the photos.
Please visit their social networks and check out their work:
Sebio Aquilina
The Culinary Photographer
The Foto Grapher Fgura
Clint Gerald
Bryan Azzopardy
------------ Other photos courtesy of ------------
Vodafone Malta
Go Malta
Stefan Pecorella
Casino Malta
Portomaso Casino
Eden Super Bowl
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