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Brian Role`

Award Winning Magic In


Brian has a strong track record of providing top-notch magic for corporate events, wedding receptions, and private parties. He excels in Close-Up Magic (Walk-Around Magic), Parlour Magic, and Stage Shows. He also offers a highly entertaining Mind Show.

Brian is a popular choice for companies, individuals, and organizations. His professional approach and extensive experience make him stand out. His charismatic and entertaining style sets him apart from others.
Brian's performances appeal to all audiences, including both adults and children. He uses a wide variety of magic tricks and illusions with different objects. Some objects are familiar, while others are unusual. For larger shows, Brian performs grand illusions.

Brian is also skilled at using items borrowed from the audience. Expect not only amazing magic but also unique and amusing entertainment. Only Brian can provide this level of engagement.

"Brian, you were awesome. I really enjoyed working with you again!" - Mark Cousins - Marketing Manager Cashflows
"Brian was brilliant at our wedding. All our guests enjoyed it, so did we. We cannot recommend him enough!" - Anna Wyatt

"Amazing Magic and Personality!"
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close up magic

Close Up Magic / Walk Around Magic

can be performed anywhere
seated dinners
stand up receptions
no limits on number of guests
variable durations

Corporate & Private Events - Weddings - Promotional
parlour magic show

Parlour Magic Shows

ideal for smaller venues with seating
a mix of magic, humour and mind baffling acts
adaptable to adults, family or children
durations between 10mins and 45mins
for corporate, private or a paying audience

Parlour Magic Shows
Corporate & Private Events - Residences or Smaller Venues
mentalism show

Mind Show

for adult or mature audiences
for venues with seating
small intimate audiences
larger audiences subject to conditions
customisable adding extra benefit for clients

The Mind Show
Private or Paying Audience - Smaller Venues or Theatres
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"Holy Camoly..Oh WOW! .....How The Heck Did You Get ?"

"Debbie Jones, on Cruising With The Stars - Travel and Cruise Channel"

Close Up Magic

The closest you can ever experience magic.

Close Up Magic

Close-up Magic is a fantastic way to connect with the audience up close. It brings joy, surprise, and fun with almost no limits on the venue or setting.

Close-up magic is perfect for keeping guests entertained at any event. It offers plenty of interaction and participation. Guests enjoy amazing magic up close and get involved with the magic happening in their minds, hands, and emotions. Brian performs his close-up magic in a fun and memorable way, adding humor that matches his unique style.
If you need the right person for your event, consider Brian. He has been performing close-up magic for over 20 years for local and multinational companies, wedding couples, private events, on cruise ships, in hotels and resorts, at fairs, and exhibitions. Brian offers his magic not just locally but also in many countries around the world. If you want an experienced entertainer with a range of close-up magic, Brian is the one to call.
Magic With Cards

Seated Dinners or Lunches

Seated or Buffets
Magic For Events

Stand Up Receptions

Walk Around
Any Type Of Gathering
Magic Entertainment


All Venues
Indoors - Outdoors
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Parlour Magic Show

A Show That Plays Big In Smaller Spaces

Palour Magic Shows

Parlour magic offers a chance to enjoy a show in a small space where the audience can watch and join in. This makes it perfect for homes, small halls, and similar venues.

Magic in Malta
Brian has been performing Parlour Magic Shows since he began his career. His first audience was family and friends. After years of performing at talent shows and small events, he became a full-time professional in 2002. Now, his parlour shows are booked by audiences both locally and worldwide. He even won first prize in the I.B.M. Ring 202 Parlour Magic Competition for his unique act. Brian offers three types of shows: one for adults, one for families, and one for children.
Each show includes visual magic, acts with music, and audience participation. The duration can be set between 10 and 45 minutes, depending on what the booker and Brian agree on. No matter the show, Brian's performances are amazing, entertaining, and funny. He is also open to ideas and customizations for promotional events. The show can be in English or Maltese. Brian speaks Italian and Spanish but prefers English for international audiences.
Magic Show For Adults

For The Adults

Parlour Show for Adults
This show is perfect for adults. It features intellectual magic, making it great for small corporate events or adult gatherings. It can also be tailored for Hen or Bachelor Parties with special tricks and jokes that fit the occasion.
Magic Show For Families

For The Family

The Family Parlour Show
For events with both adults and children, Brian offers a show with magic and mini illusions that everyone will enjoy. Both adults and children will get a chance to help out in various parts of the show.
Magic Show For Children

For The KIds

Parlour Show for Children
This show is perfect for children aged 4 to 11. The tricks change based on the age group. It's a wonderful magic show for kids' parties, birthdays, holy communions, and other celebrations with children.
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We can't say too much about this show to keep the mystery and fun intact. It started as an experiment in 2013 during an exclusive show for a select group and has since become an amazing experience perfected over the years. What we can reveal is that this show is mind-boggling, often funny, and will leave the audience asking, "How The Funk!?" It's perfect for a mature audience who enjoys intellectual and humorous entertainment. Brian's "Mind Show" is unique, featuring acts based on his own ideas and creations. This high-quality show is available for private bookings only. Contact us to discuss bringing this special show to your event.

Terms and Conditions apply.

"It was totally unique, I was totally intrigued and I have no comprehension at all on how he made it happen. Honestly, how did he know what I was thinking of? "

"Sally Caldwell, right after the show."


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Malta's Leading Magician
Close Up Magic / Walk Around Magic
Seated - Standing - Walk Around
Weddings - Corporate / Private - Public Events
Small / Large Venues - Indoor / Outdoor
Seated Dinners - Stand Up Receptions
Conferences - Exhibition Stands - Fairs
Adult - Family - Children
Parlour Magic
Parlour Show
Seated - Standing
Corporate / Private - Public Events
Small Venues
Large Venues subject to conditions.
Outdoor subject to conditions
Adult - Family - Children
Mind Reading Show
Mind Show
Corporate / Private Events
Small Venues
Large Venues subject to conditions.
Adult / Mature Audience

"It was great to see our guests' faces smile and enjoy the magic prepared for us.
Brian is a really cool and fun person, which further established a good connection with the group."

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+356 99 82 09 13
Brian Role
"Magician Malta"

5B, Triq il-Hawha
SGN 2683 San Gwann - Malta